Polar Blade Stand Instructions for Knife Changing

Using the blade stand (our part number BS10) with our H67 knife change handles, makes changing the blade easier and safer.  

This does not apply to Polar 72, 76, 90 and 92 cutters. This is for the larger Polar cutters, such as the 115, 137, 150 and 155 cutter models. This information only applies to CE, ST, and EL model Polar cutters, before machine serial number 4831001. Proper use of the blade stands is essential to the safety of the operator and to protect the cutting edge of the blade from nicks and damage during a paper cutter knife change.

To remove the blade:

1. Remove the left front side guide.

2. Lock the clamp in the down position

3. Jog the blade down and remove the left two blade bolts.

4. Raise the blade.

5. Install the 2 blade supports into the clamp, our part number K14, and lock them in place by turning them 90 degrees.

6. Slowly release the clamp lock to bring the clamp and the blade supports up against the blade.

7. Remove the remaining blade bolts.

8. Screw the blade handles, H67, through the blade stands, part number BS10, and into the blade.

9. Lower the clamp and lock it in the down position.

10. Remove the blade supports.

11. Carefully remove the blade with the blade stands and blade handles attached.