Polar Blade Adjusting gauge, part number 013747
Compound Manufacturing

Blade Height Setting Gauge for Polar Cutters 115 to 155, 013747

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  • Our Part Number: G102

Blade Setting Gauge. (Equivalent to Polar Height Gauge 013747, 010111) This blade setting gauge is used to set the height of the blade during blade changes on a Polar 115 EL, Polar 115 CE (early models), Polar 115 EMC I, Polar 137, and Polar 155 Paper Cutters.

This is also used on Polar 115 X and 115 XT cutters that DO NOT have the new style blade change system in the center of the blade carrier.  (Equivalent to Polar Height Gauge part number 034331.)

See our part number G101 for the blade height gauge used on smaller Polar cutters.

Made in USA.