Challenge Replacement Paper Cutter Tape Measure
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Challenge 305 HA & HB Back Gauge Tape Measure, T9305HA-HB

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  • Our Part Number: T9305HA-HB

Back Gauge Tape Measure Assembly for Challenge Champion 305HA and 305HB paper cutters.  This aftermarket scale is made from 5/8" wide spring steel, the same as on the originals.  The overall length is 100 3/8" long and the length between the end grommets is 99 3/4".  The holes in the brass end grommets for the spring are 1/4" in diameter.  The mounting slot measures 1/4" wide by 3/4" long.  The distance from the center of the "left" grommet, to the start of the tape measure scale, is 9-13/16". 

This tape measure fits the model 305 HA and 305 HB (30.5") Challenge paper cutters.  This does NOT fit model 305 HAE and 305 HBE cutters.  For the model 305 HAE and 305 HBE cutters see our part number T9305HAE-HBE.

Also included with each tape measure assembly is a new replacement spring. (equivalent to Challenge Champion part number 4052)

Made in USA.

For a back gauge tape measure for Challenge 193 cutters see our part number T9-193.

For a back gauge tape measure for Challenge 230 cutters see our part number T9-230.

For a back gauge tape measure for Challenge 305 cutters see our part number T9-305.

For a back gauge tape measure for Challenge 370 cutters see our part number T9-370.

Different back gauge tape measure lengths, for other models of Challenge Champion paper cutters, can be made to order.  Call or email for information.