Dexter Lawson Clamp Hole Plug (PS5)
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Dexter Lawson Clamp Hole Plug (PS5)

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  • Our Part Number: PS5

This re-usable plastic screw, or threaded plug, is used to fill the threaded holes in the face of the clamp.  This helps to prevent a buildup of scraps which can cause an operator injury if they try to clear these scraps as the clamp is being retracted.

There are many cases of an operator cutting their finger as they attempt to flick a scrap out of the threaded holes.  In a split second their finger can be dragged up into the blade.

Made of Delrin plastic.  Measures 1/2 inch long with a 1/2-13 inch thread.  The last few threads are deformed for an interference fit to help keep the plug in place.

Made in USA.

(Photo shows 2 pieces for clarity.  However, the price is per piece.)