Safety bolt for Finale paper cutter
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Finale 115 Paper Cutter Shear Bolt - S141

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  • Our Part Number: S141

Steel Shear Bolt for Finale paper cutters.  These shear bolts or safety bolts fit the Finale 115 HS and the Finale 115 HD models of these Chinese built paper cutters.   A matching hex collar nut is also supplied with each of these shear bolts.  Both the bolts and the nuts have black oxide treatment to minimize corrosion.

These shear bolts measure 2.38" long (60.5mm), including the head.   Their length is 1.97" (50mm) long below the head.  The head is 1.18" (30mm) in diameter with a flat cut on one side of the head to keep it from spinning when the nut is tightened.

The threads are M16 with a fine pitch of 1.0mm.  The original shear bolts and nuts had a 1.5mm thread pitch but this has been changed to a 1.0mm thread pitch to make them less likely to loosen over time.  These fine pitch threads have less of a tendency to loosen under vibration because the smaller lead angle, or thread helix, provides better wedging action when the assembly is tightened.  Also, in general, fine threads are approximately 10% stronger in tension then course screw threads.

Made in USA.