Gear for Polar paper cutters ZA3.222205
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Gear for Polar 115 Paper Cutter Leadscrew ZA3.222205

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  • Our Part Number: G329

Plastic Leadscrew Gear for Polar paper cutters. (equivalent to Polar 222205, ZA3.222205)

This black plastic gear is also known as "Pinion Gear".  It has 60 teeth and measures approximately 155 mm (6 1/8") in diameter.  It measures 14.8 mm (9/16") wide at the gear teeth and has a 19 mm (3/4") diameter bore with a 6mm wide keyway.

This is used on Polar models 115 EMC (before machine serial # 5731401), 115 EM (before machine serial # 5731401), 137 EMC (before machine serial # 5741001) and 155 EMC (before machine serial #5721001)

This gear does not fit any of the Polar Autotrim models.

This gear does not fit any of the Polar 58, 76, 78, or 92 models.