Locking Pin for Polar false clamp plate 216198
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Latch Pin for Polar Cutter False Clamp Plate, 216198, P325

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  • Our Part Number: P325

This latch pin assembly locks into the pins on the false clamp plate on Polar 71, 72 CE, and Power Max paper cutters. The overall length of the latch pin (including the threaded shank) is approximately 43mm long (1 3/4" long). It is 8mm in diameter (.31 inches) at the latching end. This assembly may also fit some of the other smaller sizes of Polar cutters, such as the PowerMax 28. As shown in the photo, this assembly includes the latch pin (216198), the spring (207788), the knurled knob with lock pin (205527, 200787), and a self-locking hex nut.

For longer False Clamp Plate Locking Pins also see our Part Number P326 and Part Number P327.

The price shown is for one assembly.

Made in USA.