Pin and spring for Polar false clamp plate ZA3.232333
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Latch Pin for Polar Cutter False Clamp Plate, 232333

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  • Our Part Number: P351

This latch pin assembly locks into the false clamp pin on the false clamp plate of many different sizes of later models of Polar paper cutters.  Basically it fits on all models built after approximately 1982.  This includes the Polar 92 EMC, Polar 92 S, Polar 92 E, Polar 92 ED, Polar 92 X, Polar 92 XT, Polar 115 EMC (after machine serial number 5231560), Polar 115 S, Polar 115 E, Polar 115 EM, Polar 115 ED, and the Polar 137 (models S, E, ED, EMC, EMC-MON, X, and XT), Polar 155 EMC and 155 EMC MON (after serial number 5221001), Polar 155 E, Polar 155 ED, Polar 176 EMC and Polar 176 EMC MON, Polar 176 E, and Polar 176 ED.

It also fits all of the Polar X, XT, and XS models, including the 78, 92, 115, 137, and 155 models.

Equivalent to the original Polar part number ZA3.232333 and 232333.

The overall length of the latch pin (including the threaded shank) is approximately 60mm long (2 3/8" long). The main latch area is 8mm in diameter and 20 mm long. As shown in the photo, this assembly includes the latch pin (232333), the perpendicular dowel pin (201558), the spring (205687), and a self-locking hex nut (201091)

Also see our Part Number P326 for the earlier (pre 1982) version of this pin.  Also see our Part Number P210 for the black pusher that releases this latch pin.

The price shown is for one assembly.

Made in USA.