Lawson Cutter Knife Bolt 2BA2044, B44
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Lawson Cutter Knife Bolt 2BA2044, B44

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  • Our Part Number: B44

Knife bolts for Lawson guillotine paper cutters. This grade 10.9 steel socket head cap screw fits most Lawson paper cutters.  It is .70" long below the 3/32" thick steel washer.  It has a 1/2"-13 threads.  The 7/8" diameter threaded washer rotates freely in a groove but it will not fall off the bolt.

Original Lawson Dexter part number is 2BA2044 (2BA-2044, 2BA 2044) with threaded washer, Lawson washer part number 2BA2045 (2BA-2045, 2BA 2045).

Made in USA.