Knife bolt for Lawson paper cutter 2BA2044
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Lawson Cutter Knife Bolt 2BA2044, B44

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  • Our Part Number: B44

Knife bolts for Lawson guillotine paper cutters. This grade 10.9 steel socket head cap screw fits most Lawson paper cutters.  It is .70" long below the steel washer.  The washer is 3/32" thick.  It has a 1/2-13 threads.  The 7/8" diameter threaded washer rotates freely in a groove but it will not fall off the bolt.

The original Lawson Dexter part number for the screw is 2BA2044 (2BA-2044, 2BA 2044).  The original Lawson part number for the washer is 2BA2045 (2BA-2045, 2BA 2045).

Made in USA.