Brass air nozzle for Seybold paper cutter 11AC2053
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Lawson Seybold Table Air Jet Nozzle, 11AC2053, AJ102

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  • Our Part Number: AJ102
Lawson Seybold Table Air Jet Nozzle, 11AC2053

This brass air jet or air nozzle is used in air tables on Seybold, Lawson, and other paper cutters. It is 1-7/8" long x 9/16" diameter. One end of the air jet is knurled for a press fit into a 9/16" diameter reamed hole in the paper cutter table. The opposite end has two machined wrench flats and a 1/8" NPT for the air supply.

The original Lawson part number is 11AC2053.

Please note that the photo shows 2 pieces for clarity.  The price shown is for 1 single piece.

Made in USA.