Polar 115 paper cutter leadscrew nuts 233573
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Lead Screw Spindle Nuts for Polar Cutter backgauge 233573, A749

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  • Our Part Number: A749

Bronze Lead Screw Backgauge Nuts for Polar paper cutters.  These metric acme spindle nuts move the backgauge sledge on some of the larger size Polar guillotine paper cutters, such as on some of the Polar 115, Polar 137, and Polar 155 paper cutters. (fixed side nut Polar part numbers are 017062, 017370, 017810, and 233573.  The spring side nut Polar part numbers are 017061, 017740, 017809, 233574, and 017459.) 

They are sold as a pair.  The price is for one pair, including the Buna-N O-ring.

For reference, these fit on the leadscrew with an outside diameter of 40 mm.  Both nuts fit in the 60 mm diameter bore, in the front and back side, of the backgauge sledge.  The floating one on the front side (spring side) is 56 mm long.  The stationary or fixed one on the back side (fixed nut) is 65 mm long.

These will fit some of the larger cutters, including but not limited to the following:

115 EMC MON (115 EMC 2) models from serial number 5103601 to 5331390
137 EMC MON (137 EMC 2) models from serial number 5104601 to 5341080
155 EMC MON (155 EMC 2) models from serial number 5221001 to 5321041

Made in USA.