Safety bolt for Polar 92 paper cutters 017771
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Polar 92 Shear Bolt, 017771a, 053063, S107

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  • Our Part Number: S107

Alloy Steel Shear Bolts for Polar 92 EMC II, Polar 92 MON, Polar 92 E, Polar 92 ED, Polar 92 EM, Polar 92 S, Polar 92 X, Polar 92 XT, and 92 N Paper Cutters. (serial # 5211248 and higher); (equivalent to Polar 260469, 017771, 017771a, 17771, and 053063) The main shank on this shear bolt or shear pin is 48mm (1.89 inches) long below the head. It has an M14 thread.

Included with each of these shear pins or safety bolts is a mating washer faced hex nut or collar nut. (equivalent to the original Polar part number 232343 and 232343a) The nut measures 19mm (.75") across the flats. Also included with each shear bolt or safety bolt is a steel roll pin. The roll pin is supplied already installed through the head.  This roll pin is to keep the bolt from spinning when the nut is tightened.

These shear bolts will NOT fit the early Polar 92 Models which use 2 shear bolts in the pull arm, such as the Polar 82 EL, 82 CE, 86 EL, 86 CE, 90 EL, 90 CE, 92 CS, 92 EL, 92 EMC & 92 CE Paper Cutters.  For these models see our shear bolt part number S91.

These can also be used in (after grinding a small flat on the side of the head), and have the correct breaking load, for the FINALE 92 paper cutters.

Made in USA.