Polar 115 paper cutter blade leveling handle ZA3.224998
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Polar Blade Leveling Handle, fits 17 mm square shaft (224998)

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  • Our Part Number: W17

Blade leveling handle for many Polar Paper Cutters. It is sometimes called the Eccentric Adjusting Lever.

This cast and machined aluminum blade leveling handle is used on many of the larger models of Polar Paper Cutters, such as the 115 EMC, 115 EMC-MON, 115 E, 115 ED, 115 X, 115 XT, 137 EMC, 137 EMC-MON, 137 E, 137 ED, 137 X, 137 XT, and up to and including the Polar 155. It is 8 1/2" long and has a 17 mm square hole which clamps on the square blade leveling shaft on the back side of the cutter.

This handle is a direct replacement for the original Polar part number ZA3.224998 and 224998.

Made in USA.