Blade back up block 274865
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Polar Blade Spacer 274865c, 045196c, BB2125

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  • Our Part Number: BB2125

Blade Back Up Block Kit for Polar paper cutters (ZA3.045196, 45196, or 045196c).

Each Spacer Kit consists of the following:

- 1 Block (equal to Polar part number 274865c)

- 2 Mounting Screws (equal to Polar part number 201889c)

- 2 Retaining Washers (equal to Polar part number 270239c)

These steel backing blocks or spacers are mounted along the top edge of the blade so that the third or highest set of mounting holes can be used on the blade when the blade has been sharpened down to less then half of its original size. They add support along the top edge of the blade so the cutting forces are not pushing against the blade bolts.

These block spacer kits are sold individually.  The price shown is for one single kit.

These blade spacer blocks fit the following Polar guillotine paper cutters: 115 S, 115 E, 115 ED, 115 X, 115 XT, 137 S, 137 E, 137 ED, 137 X, 137 XT, 155 E, 155 ED, 155 X, 155 XT, 176 E, 176 ED, 176 X, and 176 XT if the cutter is equipped with the optional cam type knife change equipment. (This is for cutters that have blades with 3 sets of mounting holes.  If the cutter's blade only has 2 sets of mounting holes then these blocks will not work.)

These also fit the Polar N 115, N 137, and N 155 cutters with the "Optiknife" knife change system.

Made in USA.