Polar Cutter Blade Bolt 200962 (B47)
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Polar Cutter Blade Bolt 200962 (B47)

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  • Our Part Number: B47

Knife Bolt for Polar models 80, 82, 90, 92 CE and 92 CS paper cutters (equivalent to Polar 200962).  These Grade 12.9 alloy socket head cap screws have an M10 thread.  They are 16mm long (.63") below the head and have a black oxide surface finish for added corrosion protection.

These bolts do not fit the Polar 92 S, Polar 92 ES, Polar 92 E, Polar 92 ED, Polar 92 X, Polar 92 XS, and Polar 92 XT.  For these models see our part number B66.