Clamp shim for Polar paper cutter ZA3.230056
Polar Cutter Blade Clamp Shim ZA3.230056, BS-2245
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Polar Cutter Blade Clamp Shim ZA3.230056, BS-2245

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  • Our Part Number: BS-2245

These 2-hole blade shims or clamp support pads are used on Polar 76 EM, Polar 92 EM, and some Polar EMC paper cutters such as the Polar 92 EMC, and Polar 92 EMC MON paper cutters. They are sold as a kit which includes the following parts:

Plastic shim or support (230056 or ZA3.230056) 2
Double sided adhesive shim (230493 or ZA3.230493) 2
Plastic flat head Screw (201681, ZA3.201681, 202285, or ZA3.202285) 4

Their overall length is approximately 127mm long (5" long) by approximately 40mm wide (1-9/16" wide). The tapered screw mounting holes are spaced approximately 100mm (3-15/16") apart.

Note that some Polar EMC machines take a shorter 2-hole shim.  Be sure to measure the length of your existing shims before ordering.