Polar paper cutter knife bolt 200292
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Polar Cutter Knife Bolt 200292, B46

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  • Our Part Number: B46

Polar paper cutter Knife Bolts (equivalent to the original Polar part number 200292).  Fits Polar 107, Polar 112, Polar 115, Polar 137, Polar 145, Polar 150 and Polar 155 paper cutters.  Socket head cap screw, M12 x 22mm long (.87") below the head.  This bolt has a screwdriver slot cut in the threaded end, as shown in the photo, to help with removal if the allen key socket gets worn out over time and stripped.  It has a black oxide surface finish for added corrosion resistance.

Also see our knife bolt part number B704 which fits the newer models of Polar paper cutters, generally those cutters which were made after the late 1980's.

For a "T" Wrench to fit these bolts, see our part number W74.

This knife bolt will also fit the blades in some of the ADAST MAXIMA (Royal Zenith) paper cutters, such as the MS 115, , MS-115, MS 107P, MS-107P, and the MS 92 Rapid models.