Polar paper cutter knife bolt 409569b
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Polar Cutter Knife Bolt 256691 and 409569b, B704

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  • Our Part Number: B704

Knife Bolts (with captive washer) for many of the Polar X, XT, E and ED Paper Cutters (equivalent to the original Polar part numbers 409569, 409569b, and 256691). These bolts were also used on some of the later EMC-MON models.  (These DO NOT fit the Polar 78 X, 78 XT, 78 XS, 92 X, 92 XT and 92 XS paper cutters.  These cutters use our part number B66 knife bolts.)

The Polar part number 045356 is for the combination of one bolt and one washer.

These zinc plated, hex head cap screws have a 12 mm diameter thread. Included with each bolt is a heavy 4mm thick zinc plated washer (equivalent to the original Polar part numbers 419520 and 419520b) made from heat treated 4140 steel. These blade bolts are 24.5mm long below the washer. The washer is threaded to keep it in place.  It will spin in place but will not fall off.

For a "T" Wrench for this bolt see our part number W81.

Also see our part numbers B46, B47, B66, B521, and B522 for knife bolts which fit older models of Polar Paper Cutters.

Please note that the photo shows 2 pieces for clarity.  Price is for 1 piece with the washer.