Power switch for Polar paper cutters 226193
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Polar Cutter Power Switch, 227128, 226193

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  • Our Part Number: M625

This Eaton main power switch is used on all Polar cutters built after 2004, as well as on many earlier cutters.  It fits Polar paper cutter models 78 X, 78 XT, 78 XS, 92 X, 92 XT, 115 X, 115 XT, 137 X, 137 XT, 155 X, 155 XT, 176 X, and 176 XT.  As well as some earlier models. 

This same main switch body was also used on Polar EM and EMC cutters.  However those cutters had a different red knob and a different yellow knob backing plate.  The earlier red knob and yellow backing plate were not OSHA "lock out/tag out" compatible and so are no longer available.  The new style can be installed as a replacement on the EM and EMC cutters but will require drilling for two small holes for new mounting screws.  (The new mounting screws are included.)

It comes as shown in the photo with the red knob and the yellow lockout backing plate.  The original part number for the switch body (with the white knob stem) is Polar 227128, and the original part number for the red knob and the yellow plate is Polar 226193.