Polar paper cutter hydraulic pump pulley 014187
Measuring hub on polar pulley 014188
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Polar Paper Cutter Pump Pulley 014187 and 014188

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  • Our Part Number: SP188

Long Hub Version

V Belt Split Pulley Assembly for some Polar CE and EMC (EMC 1) Paper Cutters. (equivalent to Polar the original Polar part numbers 014188, 014187, and also 014183) This precision machined aluminum split pulley is a direct replacement for the original die cast pulley used on the tapered output shaft on some of the Polar Model CE hydraulic pumps, and on the 115 EMC 1, and 155 EMC 1 cutters.  This pulley has been Hardcoat Anodized to give maximum hardness and wear resistance to the belt contact surfaces.

Included is both pulley halves, four steel adjusting shims (our part number SP182), and the three bolts to hold the two halves together. Each shim is .5mm (.020") thick. The pulleys have threaded steel inserts installed where the two pulley halves bolt together, similar to the originals, to prevent the screw threads from stripping out in the aluminum.

This is the "Long Hub" version of this pulley assembly.  The hub length measures approximately 7/8".  (See our part number SP187 for the 1/2" long "Short Hub" version.)

Fits Polar 72 CE paper cutter models after machine serial number 4851001.

Fits Polar 115 CE paper cutter models after machine serial number 4732001.

Fits all Polar 115 EMC 1 paper cutter models.

Fits all Polar 150 CE paper cutter models.

Fits all Polar 155 CE paper cutter models.

Fits all Polar 155 EMC 1 paper cutter models.

Made in USA.