Polar Knife Changing Handle, 207315, H67
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Polar Knife Changing Handle, 207315, H67

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  • Our Part Number: H67

Knife Changing Handle for Polar 107, 112, 115, 137, 155 and 176 Paper Cutters. (equivalent to Polar 207315) This solid heavy duty steel handle is 7-1/2" long. The 1-1/8" diameter shank is knurled over most of its length for a better grip. The thread is an M12 x 1.75mm which is 14.5mm long (.57"). This heavy duty blade change handle (weights almost 1-1/2 pounds) is machined from one piece of solid steel bar stock and it is zinc plated for corrosion protection.  This is a non-OEM aftermarket part.

It is usually used in conjunction with our blade stand, part number BS10.