Safety Clip for Polar Cutter pull arm turnbuckle 206626
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Safety Clip for Polar Cutter pull arm turnbuckle 206626

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  • Our Part Number: PA1017

This safety catch clip is used on the turnbuckle nut or adjusting nut on the Polar pull arm assembly (sometimes called a draw arm). It fits the older Polar models; Polar 112 EL, Polar 112 ST, Polar 115 CE, Polar 115 EL, Polar 115 CS, and some of the early Polar 115 EMC paper cutters. (equivalent to Polar 206626 and 013635 and 010635)  These measure 46 mm across the hex on the turnbuckle nuts.

These safety clips are not idiot proof, but they help to prevent the operator from unscrewing the turnbuckle nut too far when adjusting the blade height during a blade change.  If the safety clip is not in place during a blade change then it is impossible to tell how far out the pull arm threads have been unscrewed.  This will often result in destroying the threads on the upper arm and on the lower threaded arm of the pull arm assembly.

For our smaller safety clip that fits 36mm turnbuckle nuts see Compound part number PA1257.