Seybold Paper Cutter Safety Washer GZEF-216B (S97)
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Seybold Paper Cutter Safety Washer GZEF-216B (S97)

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  • Our Part Number: S97

Safety Washers for Harris Seybold Potter Paper Cutters. (P113EF or P113-EF)  These cast iron safety washers are engineered to break at a set overload condition when used in Harris Seybold Paper Cutters. They are 4-9/16" in diameter and have a 13/16" diameter mounting hole in the center of the slot. The slot is 1" wide by 7/16" deep.  This is Seybold original part number GZEF-216B.


 Part Number Cutter Size Safety Washer Thickness
Price Each
S96 up to 50" 1-1/4" $73.00
S97 51" to 64" 1-3/8" $76.00
S98 65" to 85" 1-7/16" $80.00