Backgauge slot covering belt for Polar paper cutters 242587
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Slot Covering Green Belt for Polar 92 Cutter, 242587, GB-434

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  • Our Part Number: GB-434

Slot covering belt or tape for Polar 92 S, Polar 92 SD, Polar 92 SDP, Polar 92 EM, 92 EMC-MON, and Polar 92 EMC II paper cutters, after machine serial number 5511301 and up to serial number 6511120.

This green table slot covering tape or back gauge belt is equivalent to, and a direct replacement for, the original Polar part number 242587 and Polar ZA3.242587.  It is an aftermarket belt which is made from the same material as the original.  It contains the center "V" guide which is fused to the belt.

Measures 60 mm wide (2 3/8" wide) by 1.25mm thick (.050" thick).  The cogged center "V" guide is 10 mm wide.  As shown in the photo, both ends have the mounting slots and holes cut out.

For later models of Polar 92 slot covering belts (after machine serial number 6511120), see our part number GB-440.