Backgauge handle MBM paper cutter PAD3600027
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Triumph Ideal MBM backgage crank handle, PAD3600027, H80

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  • Our Part Number: H80

This backgauge crank or handle is used to adjust the back gauge on virtually all Triumph, Ideal and MBM stack paper cutters that have a manual backgage.  This is a direct replacement for the original MBM part number PAD3600027 and 3600027.

The arm and hub on our handle are machined from aluminum.  Our arm is many times stronger then the original hollow injection molded plastic handle.  Ours will not snap off the way the stock handles do.

This complete assembly includes the arm (original part number 9001301), and the revolving handle (original parts 9001319 and 3600028).  Comes complete with a new steel mounting screw, original MBM part number 3600026.

We have no minimum order size, and we do not charge a "handling fee" like some other vendors.

Fits models 3610, 3905, 3915-95, 4250, 4305, 4315, 4315B, 4350, 4700B, 4705A, 4810 series, 4810-95 A, 4815, 4815 A, 4850, 4850D series, 5210, 5250, 6550, 6550-95 and other models that have a manual back gage fence.

Made in USA.