Turnbuckle nut for Polar cutter 206015
Compound Manufacturing

Turnbuckle for Polar Cutter 80, 82, 90, and 92, ZA3.206015

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  • Our Part Number: PA950

This turnbuckle nut or adjusting nut is part of the Polar pull arm assembly (sometimes called a draw arm). It fits the Polar CE and EL models of the Polar 80, 82, 90 and 92 paper cutters. (equivalent to the original Polar part numbers 206015 and ZA3.206015)  These also fit the 92 EMC cutters up to machine serial number 5211550 (These are the EMC cutters that use 2 shear bolts per pull arm assembly.  The later cutters use a single shear bolt per pull arm.).  These are completely new, non-OEM, aftermarket parts. The overall length measures approximately 105mm (4-1/8") long, it has an outside hex size of 36mm, and it has both a LEFT Hand and a RIGHT Hand M24 internal thread.  It is machined complete from SAE 1045 steel.