Shera bolt for Wohlenberg 155 guillotine cutter
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Wohlenberg 155 Paper Cutter Shear Bolt - S203

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  • Our Part Number: S203

Alloy Steel Shear Bolt for Wohlenberg 155 Paper Cutters. (7004395) This alloy steel shear pin or shear bolt fits Wohlenberg model 155 paper cutters. The main shank is 16mm (.63") in diameter and is 50mm long (1.97 inches long) below the head. It has an M16 thread. The main shank is cross drilled for an exact breaking load.

Fits Machine
Wohlenberg 115
Wohlenberg 137
Wohlenberg 155
Each of our bolts are engineered for the correct breaking load for the specific machine size. Our safety bolts or shear bolts have been tensile tested by an independent lab and broke within 3% of the load which is specified by Wohlenberg.  While some other venders are selling bolts with one size cross hole for several machine sizes, according to the Wohlenberg machine manual, this is not correct. Each size machine requires a different size cross hole.

This shear bolt also fits the Lawson Regent 150 model.