Air jet for Wohlenberg paper cutter 7006195
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Wohlenberg Cutter Table Air Jet Nozzle 7006195, AJ603

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  • Our Part Number: AJ603

Wohlenberg Paper Cutter Air Jet Nozzle 7006195, AJ603

This plastic air jet or air nozzle is used in air tables on Wohlenberg paper cutters (equivalent to the original Wohlenberg part number 7006195 or WG7006195). These are the same as the Wohlenberg Cut-Tec air valves or air jets. It has a spring loaded stainless steel ball. These air jets are 16mm in diameter (.630") at the large end by 34mm long (1.34 inches) when measured over the top of the stainless steel ball.

Please note that the photo shows 2 pieces for clarity.  The price shown is for 1 piece.